*** This sample contract is being used as a example only. Sterling Retrievers and Omega Retrievers reserve the right to change any and all items used in this example at any time.




Sterling and Omega Retrievers, hereafter referred to as the Sellers, hereby agree to sell and transfer ownership and possession of the animal described below to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, hereafter referred to as the Buyer, for the purchase price of $XXX.00 with the following conditions and warranties:


Breed: Flat-Coated Retriever


Date of Birth:


Registered Name:

AKC Registration #:



Purpose: Pet & Companion - Hunting Dog - Obedience Competitor



The Buyer agrees to permanently register, utilizing "Limited Registration", the above-mentioned animal, hereafter referred to as the dog, with the American Kennel Club, Inc. using the pre-selected name the Seller has chosen; and to provide good care, both physically and emotionally, to the dog as follows:

1. To provide a fenced yard and to prevent the dog from running the streets without chaining or tethering the dog.

2. To provide the care of a qualified veterinarian in the case of illness or injury and for preventative health care.

3. To provide proper nutrition as advised by the breeder or the veterinarian.

4. To provide shelter from the weather both in winter and in summer.

5. To at NO TIME allow the dog to ride outside of a travel crate while in or on the bed of a pick up truck or other open vehicle.

6. To sexually neuter this pet; at or about 6 months of age to prevent even one pregnancy in females, or before 1 year of age in males. The Buyer understands the reasons for this timely neutering are to eliminate ANY possibility of an accidental breeding and to protect the breed by eliminating the possibility of producing inferior pure or mixed breed puppies. The Buyer also understands that the positive action of neutering is the responsible action of a responsible pet owner.

7. To, in general, care for this dog physically AND emotionally as the loving, totally dependent living being that the dog is.

8. To contact the Seller for advice and/or assistance if, for reasons beyond the buyers control, the buyer finds that the above conditions cannot be adequately met.

9. To contact the Seller in writing and offer the seller the right of first refusal should the buyer decide to transfer possession or ownership of the dog.

10. To provide seller with any and all change of address during the dog's life.

11. To have the dog's hips radiographically examined between the ages of 24 and 27 months for hip dysplasia.



The seller agrees to the following:

1. To warrant that said dog will be genetically capable of fulfilling his/her purpose as described above.

2. To warrant that said dog will be functionally sound in hips and eyes for the purpose as described above.

3. To warrantee that said dog will be generally healthy for a period of 72 hours from the time the possession of the dog is transferred to the Buyer.


If the Sellers are satisfied that the above described dog is unsuitable for the purpose sold because of conditions outlined in the warranty section of this agreement, the Sellers will, at their discretion, either replace said dog with one of comparable value and qualities at their earliest convenience, or refund the purchase price of said dog. In either case, the unsuitable animal will, at the discretion of the Seller, be returned to the Seller at the expense of the Buyer.



The Sellers hereby offer a cash rebate to the buyer for training the Dog and attaining recognized AKC titles, or performing health checks in accordance with the following schedule:


AKC CD: $ 50.00 AKC Junior Hunter: $ 50.00 AKC TD: $ 50.00
AKC CDX: $ 100.00 AKC Senior Hunter: $ 100.00 AKC TDX: $ 250.00
AKC UD: $ 250.00 AKC Master Hunter: $ 250.00

OFA Hip Evaluation $ 50.00

CERF Eye Evaluation $ 15.00



The Buyer understands that he/she is purchasing a dog of a fine, rare retrieving breed and that responsible breeders of this breed do all in their power to protect the breed from degradation and harm; and that he/she is purchasing this dog from a breeders of national acclaim whose reputation could be tarnished from the irresponsible actions of Buyers. The Buyer further understands and agrees that any willful or substantial violation of the above sale conditions will result, at the sole and absolute discretion of the sellers, in the forfeiture of ownership and possession rights of the dog without refund of monies paid; and that transfer or disposal of the dog without adhering to the terms of the agreement will result in a liability of three times the purchase price of the dog.



This agreement embodies the entire agreement between the parties hereto, and supersedes any and all other agreements between the parties in connection with the sale of the Dog described herein. This agreement may be amended at any time by the consent and signature of all parties in writing, provided that the written document so states that the purpose of the document is to amend this agreement.

This agreement is hereby entered into and wholly executed in the State of California and litigation arising from any possible breach of this agreement shall be adjudicated in the County of San Bernardino, in the State of California, under California law. All parties hereby submit themselves to the jurisdiction of said courts. Should any provision of this agreement be held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall not be affected.



By signature below, the Buyer(s) and the Sellers affirm that they have read and understand this agreement and will abide by the articles of this agreement.


Updated 03/20/98