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Westminster Kennel Club 2000

Best of Breed
Sporting Group 4

Ch Flatford Zeus The Major God JH

Adrienne and I (Frank) traveled, dog less, to The Garden for the 2000 show. I was there on assignment for the Golden Retriever Review Magazine and didn't have the time to visit with the Flat-Coat people. Much less watch the ring. I was busy uploading video to the Golden web site when the FCR's were in the ring. Adrienne took the still camera with her and took a picture of each FCR entered.

I was able to get a position about 15 feet from the judge during group and got some pictures of both the Flat-Coat and the Golden. (I learned a Press Pass will get you anywhere.) You can see the Golden Retriever Pictures at

If we made any errors please drop me a note at

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Pictures of the Group:

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Flat-Coated Retrievers
Best of Breed Competition

Judge: Mr. J. Donald Jones
Day: February 15, 2000
Time: 12:30pm

rainbow.jpg (75963 bytes)JAM #5 Ch Rainbow's Nordic Treasure. SN 23507107. Date of Birth:04-MAR-95. Breeder:Lauren J Weidner. Sire:Ch Omega's Quiet Riot. Dam:Ch Grousemoor Rainbow Chaser CDX OA. Breed:Retrievers (Flat-Coated). Sex:Dog. Owner:Erica Wallace & John Evenson.


zeus.jpg (75596 bytes)BOB #6  Ch Flatford Zeus The Major God JH. SN 10224605.   Date of Birth:19-SEP-93.   Breeder:Mary & Marv Farwell.   Sire:Ch Showdown Canis Major CD.   Dam:Ch Darkside Elegant Velvet CD.   Breed:Retrievers (Flat-Coated).   Sex:Dog.   Owner:Dr Robert & Sonja Rickert & Mary & Marv Farwell.

valeycrest.jpg (73068 bytes)#7 Ch Valeycrst Boot Scootinboogie JH. SN 06800706. Date of Birth:25-APR-93. Breeder:Donna Keeter & Michael Keeter. Sire:Ch Grousemoor Nike Air Jordan CD. Dam:Ch Goldstar's Bessica Jess. Breed:Retrievers (Flat-Coated). Sex:Dog. Owner:Amy Griffin & Michael Keeter & Donna Keeter.


cordova.jpg (46848 bytes)MADE CUT #8 Ch Krieger's Ridge Cape Collier. SN 18632803. Date of Birth:24-JUN-94. Breeder:Barbara Krieger. Sire:Ch Almanza Wet Or Dry At Prairielight. Dam:Ch Wyndhams Yuletide JH. Breed:Retrievers (Flat-Coated). Sex:Dog. Owner:Ruth Ann McAuley .


blair.jpg (60798 bytes)#9 Ch Blairsdale's Happy Camper. SN 14212711. Date of Birth:19-JAN-94. Breeder:Janet Blair & Gillian Impey. Sire:Ch Wyndhams Yankee CDX. Dam:Ch Quillquest Klever Kim CDX. Breed:Retrievers (Flat-Coated). Sex:Dog. Owner:Janet Blair & Lori Evans.


blairsdale.jpg (62569 bytes)#10 Ch Banquo's Strike Three. SN 41429203. Date of Birth:05-FEB-97. Breeder:N Cavallo & A Holsinger & P Leigh & D McElrath. Sire:Ch Bertschire Lord Of The RingsCDX JH OA. Dam:Ch Bertschire Blackberry Winter. Breed:Retrievers (Flat-Coated). Sex:Dog. Owner:Penny Leigh & Dale McElrath.


hihill.jpg (56324 bytes)MADE CUT #11 Ch HiHill Mlle Gabrielle. SN 51406501. Date of Birth:22-NOV-97. Breeder:Peter & Mollie L Heide. Sire:Ch Shargleam Winter Shades. Dam:Ch HiHill Queen Bess. Breed:Retrievers (Flat-Coated). Sex:Bitch. Owner:Peter & Mollie Heide.


agrebo.jpg (57232 bytes)\#12 Ch Agrebo's Hunter BD. SN 47750301. Date of Birth:25-FEB-97. Breeder:Anne Grethe Yttervold. Sire:Action Working Class Hero. Dam:Rudskog's Emilia. Breed:Retrievers (Flat-Coated). Sex:Dog. Owner:Carrie L Veron Ryberg .


ms_nala.jpg (58123 bytes)BOS #14 Ch Ms Nala Of Featherquest. SN 54778001. Date of Birth:23-MAY-98. Breeder:Masaki Shimizu. Sire:Ch Adelhard Sonny Six Killer. Dam:Ch Rose Of Kaneko II Family. Breed:Retrievers (Flat-Coated). Sex:Bitch. Owner:Masaki Shimzu


beachclift.jpg (55867 bytes)JAM #15 Ch Beachcliff Alec The Shadow Baldwin CD. SN 26145304. Date of Birth:08-JUN-95. Breeder:Walter & Mari Galvin. Sire:Ch Omega's Quiet Riot. Dam:Ch Hihill Beachcliff Dameisele. Breed:Retrievers (Flat-Coated). Sex:Dog. Owner:Deborah A Edwards & Mari Rendich.


ABSENT #16 Ch Cordova Johnny Walker Black. SN 49463214. Date of Birth:10-NOV-97. Breeder:Bruce & Elaine Broughton. Sire:Ch Carmel Phantom Medicine Man. Dam:Ch Black And Sweet Hot Lips Hoolihan. Breed:Retrievers (Flat-Coated). Sex:Dog. Owner:Stephanie Nivick & Jacques Heim. 

ABSENT #17 Ch Whazthat's Kool Runner. SN 49300202. Date of Birth:18-SEP-97. Breeder:Jeanne Allen & Richard & Dinah Baggenspos. Sire:Ch Valeycast Boot Scootin Boogie JH. Dam:Ch W-W A League Of Her Own CD. Breed:Retrievers (Flat-Coated). Sex:Dog. Owner:Lea Plaut .