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Los Encinos Kennel Club
December 12,1998

The December Los Encinos Kennel Club show is an annual event supported by the GWFCRC and the FCRSA.  This year we had 46 Flat Coats entered.  At this event I always arrive early in the pickup truck loaded to the max with all the "dog stuff" and get the setup ready before anyone else arrives.  When the dogs (& people) arrive a hour later and the shade, x-pens, and grooming tables are ready for action.  I started the generator at about 7 am and it first priority was the coffeepot.  Not sure how many pots we made, but we ran out of Baileys and Kuala by noon.  Following the Flat-Coat breed competition, the club had a potluck where there was everything from Burritos to Sushi, .... we also carved two Turkeys and a Ham.  And if that wasn't enough, we saved the huge shrimp cocktail for the group ring.  Sun up to Sun down, the Los Encinos Kennel Club show is always a great day and a special part of our Southern California Flat-Coat Christmas tradition.

Below are pictures of the dogs we had at this event. I must appologize. I missed taking pictures of one dog, Omega's Whatta Riot AX who took a 1st in American Bred.

tent.JPG (30011 bytes)

aj_bec.JPG (28801 bytes)
Adrienne Ayles and Becky Kunkel "I think I'm getting a country station"

java.JPG (21277 bytes)
7 month old Sterling Omega's Espresso (Java) with Adrienne, 1st place 6 to 9 puppy dogs

chase.JPG (19127 bytes)
It's not a good picture but, this is the only one I took of Sterling Omega's Count On Me (Chase), open dog.

bunk.JPG (27290 bytes)
Bunky Orton with Omega's Sterling Beretta (Gunner)

alison2.JPG (16745 bytes)
7 month old Sterling Omega's Evening Star (Eliza) with Alison Taub, 1st place 6 to 9 puppy bitch

bell2.JPG (26706 bytes)
Omega's Sterling Balza Ringing (Bell), with Becky Kunkel in the Open Bitch Class.

hope1.JPG (17224 bytes)
Heronsflight Hope (Hope), 2nd place Open Bitch.

maggie1.JPG (16446 bytes)
Sterling Omega Celebration (Maggie), 1st place Bred By bitch.

jump.JPG (15899 bytes)
13 year old Ch. Omega's Jump For Joy (Jump)

bunk_ruth2.JPG (23166 bytes)
Ch. Omega's Jump For Joy (Jump) (3rd) and Ch. Omega's Rhythm N' Blucrest (Dixie) (2nd) in the Veterans
. Handlers Bunky Orton and Ruth Deming

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Updated 12/27/98