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August 19, 1986 - October 17, 1998

by Adrienne Ayles

feathers.JPG (27191 bytes)I got a phone call from Gillian Impey one Sunday morning and she said, "I’ve picked out your puppy". I said "How is that, the puppies are not even 3 weeks old yet?" Gillian said, "She was the first one that figured out how to get out of the whelping box and there is always something special about the first puppy out of the whelping box."

Gillian sent Feathers to California at about 8 weeks old. We couldn’t get a non-stop flight, and the airlines made a few, shall we say mistakes. Feathers finally landed in California 16 hours after Gillian put her on the plane in New Jersey. We weren’t sure what to expect after such an ordeal. When we finally got to her crate, opened the door and called to her, out bounded this fuzzy little puppy that jumped into my arms and started licking my face.

Feathers has always been a fun dog. She finished her championship in nice style at a young age and was always fun to train in the field. Her boundless energy and love for retrieving never cease to amaze me. In the field Feathers had excellent marking ability and good nose. In Feathers younger days, you could help but stop and watch when she would run a mark. She would run so hard and fast, you were sure she was going to overrun the mark. But all the sudden the brakes would go on and she would pick up the mark and charging back.

Today Feathers mainly keeps track of next mealtime, has fun at an occasional supported entry Veteran Bitch class and has fun chasing the Kong toy with the younger dogs. At eleven, she only has a few gray hairs, jumps around like a young dog and enjoys life as only a Flat Coat can. Gillian was right, the first dog out of that whelping box was something special.

Breeder: Gillian Impey

Owner: Adrienne Ayles, Peachie Orton, Bunky Orton & Neal Goodwin

Updated 11/18/98