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Ch Casablanca's Bold Quest AAD AX CDX JH WC

September 7, 1989 - March 8, 1997

Ch Quillquest El Diablos Damian CD x Ch Omega's Honeysuckle Rose JH CDX

by Tammy Wilson

Quest came to live with me when he was 8 weeks old, but I had been there when he was born and helped to take care of him and his littermates. We had a lot of good times and did a lot together during his short lifetime. Originally, he was going to be my competitive obedience dog. It's funny how our goals can change over time. We decided to give conformation a try and Quest finished his championship with back-to-back majors at the Mission Circuit. We also dabbled in the field and earned some hunt test titles. And we did obedience, but never competitively. Before he was neutered, group stays were a big problem. He couldn't always resist saying "hi" to the girls! Afterwards, we were enjoying agility too much to get back to obedience.

Agility was where Quest really found his niche. He enjoyed it and was very reliable. His biggest problem was speed. He was not really built well for agility. He was a big boy at 25.5" and 85 pounds when lean. But that didn't stop him from doing well. Quest's agility highlights include qualifying for and competing in the 1995 USDAA Grand Prix in San Antonio, Texas. To the best of my knowledge, he is the first Flat-Coat to compete at the USDAA Nationals. In 1996 he competed in the first AKC Agility Nationals in Gunthrie, Oklahoma. Quest had earned 6 of the needed 10 legs towards his MX title when he died. If he had had another month or two he would almost certainly have completed that title and been eligible for the FCRSA Hall of Fame.

Quest finally earned his third leg to complete his Advanced Agility Dog title in February, 1997. This leg had eluded us for over a year, several times by less than a second over time. He also qualified for the 1997 USDAA Grand Prix that day. Then, suddenly, just a few short weeks later he was gone to cancer.

Quest was a great friend and companion. He was always owner trained, handled and loved.

Owners: Tammy Wilson

Breeders: Adrienne Ayles & Neal Goodwin

Updated 09/27/98